24 Hours To Nowhere

Tavolo basso ispirato al brano 24 Hours to nowhere di Hugo Race Fatalists

Coffee table inspired by Hugo Race Fatalists 24 Hours to nowhere song

Coffee table inspired by Hugo Race Fatalists 24 Hours to nowhere song, wholly handcrafted and composed with a marquetery of Mahogany and tanganyika veneer and iron frame and legs rusted finish.

Limited edition of 100 numbered samples.

The dimensions are 44cm for height, 63.5cm width and 89cm length. The tabletop and its frame are detachable, as well as the bottom structure: it is rationally planned and stands the test of time and use at the same time.

24 Hours to nowhere, Hugo Race – album 24 Hours to nowhere

I saw you in the country
Wearing your virgin dress
Through nights of longest terror
You longed for my caress

You’re filled with the agony of everyday life
I can’t let you go love
You’ll just get into strife
Your eyes weak with silent noise
Surrounded by your broken toys and violence

You saw me in the country
Keeping silent on my dress
Night is the longest terror
I fall through with no caress

I knew you would destroy me
Without even trying
I tried to run but I was lost
I couldn’t see for crying
Then we took to fighting
Without any warning signs
We beat against the walls
Like birds trapped down in the mines

I saw you in the country
Naked in the country
Running barefoot through the country
Twenty four hours to nowhere
Wearing my virgin dress
My days of longest terror
Touched by your tenderness

Girl, to shield you from the tempest
I lay down my life, my all
But you’re possessed by furies
Never spoken of
The empty fields caught fire
From your seven deadly sins
You were so mad with life
There’s nothing to forgive

You saw me in the country
Ashes upon my dress
I am the darkest terror
I fall through without regret
Twenty four hours to nowhere
Twenty four hours to nowhere
Naked in the country
Running barefoot through the country

coffe table

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The song 24 Hours to nowhere, from the homonyms album and sang by Hugo Race with soave and deep voice, is the creation origin of the coffee table. Hugo Race tracks are full of sentiments and sensuality, poetry, blues inspiration and rough observations of the world. Hope and difficult are describing life, through landscape representation, wild as his native country, Australia.

sawing marquetery

The method “element per element” lets obtain an accurate cut and precision when assembling them together. The veneer pieces have not been adjusted with sandpaper after being cut. Moreover the wood vein contributes to confer movement to the marquetry pattern, through the choice of its direction, suggesting the blowing wind in a landscape full of emotions.
Iron legs provide a rock solid base to the tabe, the wood canvas realized in marquetry is suspended in its metal frame. To prepare the marquetry drawing Béatrice has first made some linoleum etchings that have led her to define each piece of marquetry to cut. The pieces have then been sawed one by one with the fretsaw that Béatrice has constructed in France while she studied marquetry at Ecole Boulle.

countryside coffee table
floorlamp detail