Under The Milky Way

Lampadario ispirato al brano Under the milky way di The Church

3 lights luminaire
light detail with led

Under the milky way chandelier is easily customized with either one, three or four lights. Cymbals are original brand ones, bronze made with. Musical poetry, discretion and refinement instilled by the lightness of cymbals like stars on the ceiling.

1 light led
ligh ray
3 lights_ dimensions
1 light_dimensions

Under the milky way chandelier is suitable for your home either for warm and convivial locations. On left side it illuminates La Bottega di Parigi restaurant and on right side Koan musical studio, both ones in Florence.

la bottega di parigi, florence
Koan studio, florence

Price: : €1.325 with 3 cymbals – €963 with 1 cymbal. Tax included. Shipping calculated at checkout.


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