Collana e orecchini ispirati al brano Sirena dei Dirty Three

Earrings and necklace inspired by Dirty Three Sirena song

Poetical earrings and necklace, as Sirena song by Dirty Three.
They are realized in engraved bronze handmade finished, waxed cotton string, oxidized silver rings and brooch.

Limited handcraft edition of 100 numbered samples.

Dirty Three Sirena song, from Ocean Songs album, is like a wave, as a sea that grows and decreases, a balm for our soul.


Meditative, minimal, suggestive. Poetical and melancholic atmosphere of Sirena song arises from the violon sensual melody, the swishes of the percussions brushes on the cymbals, compare to the guitar low and deep notes. It let us immerse in a dream. Buzz grows through musical improvisations.

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Price: necklace €98 – earrings €120. Tax included. Shipping calculated at checkout.

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