Long Playing
High Fidelity Furniture

Long Playing – High Fidelity Furniture is an entrepreneurial activity of design, realization and production of pieces of furniture, lighting elements and jewelry based on interaction between design and rock tracks. The items creation is based on the following idea: each object has its spoor, i.e. a rock track that lends emotion and stories. They are the offspring of a personal inspiration evoked by the tracks. The form is also substance, tailored by a discreet and cosy atmosphere.
They are items product in limited editions of 500 numbered samples.
The articles have a contemporary mold and are produced according to handcrafted traditional technology such as cabinet making, marquetry and metal manufacturing, paying special attention to the materials used, i.e. natural woods (veneer wood not stained and solid woods), ecological varnish (water-based) and saving lighting (led).
The objects produced by Long Playing are sturdy craftmanship (solid wood as oak), standing the test of time and use. The comfort is given also by the pieces of furniture potential taking apart for shipping or house moving.
The design, far away from a mere new style, is contemporary and in the meantime cosy thanks to the use and manufacturing of warm materials as wood, wrought metal, married with drawing which is integral part of the pieces created history, drawing stated by the marquetry or etching. Lastly the feature and handiness of the pieces of furniture are carefully planned, as well as the assembly rationality.
The prototypes are realized by Florentine and surrounding craftsmen, for instance metal and electrical elements and cabinet making. A few part of them, such as the marquetry, cut and etching of the prototypes, are made on Béatrice de France own.
The idea at the heart of the creations, the rock spoor, the exquisite design shape and the quality of the handcraft realization distinguishes Long Playing items. Due to their peculiarity they do not have any analogy in the current furniture trade. They are directed to refined customers, interested in art expression, quality and upscale furniture, and design.

at work chair
marquetery work in progress
laboratorio intarsio
laboratorio intarsio 3
laboratorio intarsio