Béatrice de France

Béatrice de France was born in New-Caledony in 1974, where she has lived part of her childhood. Afterwards she has lived in Djibouti (Ethiopia) and in many harbour cities in France, then in Paris where she has studied at Ecole Boulle, national school of art crafts. During 1998 she has set up home in Florence, Italy, where she has continued her fine art studies thanks to two scholarships, french and italian ones. She currently works as a designer and has created Long Playing – High Fidelity Furniture.
During the studies she has specialized in marquetery and has been rewarded by three first prizes of Art crafts at national level, regional and provincial levels for a competition organised by the SEMA , Society of art crafts promotion. The prizes have been awarded for the marquetery pannel entitled “La Princesse Lointaine”, which have been inspired by one theatrical work of Edmond Rostand and designed for its house in France. For each prize a grant have been allowed. Articles have been published by national magazines of handicraft due to the award of the three first prizes of art craft, i.e. “Furniture & Cabinet Making” n°16 (UK), “Journal du Bois” March-April 1999 n° 51 and “Le Courrier des Métiers d’Art” published by the SEMA n°177 January-February 1999 and n° 197 May-June 2001. In the end the marquetery have been exhibited during the artcratfs National Forum at the Cité des Métiers (La Villette, Paris), at the SEMA Gallery and in a collective exhibition of art crafts organized by Pézenas city.
She has designed and realized the prototypes of successful pieces of furniture for a firm she has worked previously for as designer, nearby Florence, most important one has been a child room collection.
Beyond her predilection for drawing and artistic expression, she possesses knowledges in many cabinet making areas, illuminations and engraving (for instance wood working, carving, marquetry, molding for prototypes as well as electrification and metal engraving), abilities that allows her to create unique objects, being able to keep in mind all technical data indispensable for their realization.