photo Marco Ortolani Kuemmel
Thee Silver Mt. Zion
An unforgettable concert is this exhibition of Thee Silver Mt. Zion in Florence, in the Fortezza da Basso during 2008.
The band played barefoot, the stage border was set up with many candles. There was a warm, violin, double bass and guitar, songs crafting buzz.

All musicians were fully immersed in playing thight-knit one with each other.

Who was attending the concert has been involved more while the location staff has avoided the audience to come closer to the stage: they were looking for preserving the seats placed ahead for the next concert, a classic music one.

This formality has created closest feeling for the band, with the common aim of a social redemption of rock, that hasen’t been reached yet though the appearance seems to.

in the name of Rock
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