No Dog  -  designed by Esben and the Witch
Rock has set the record straight about enjoyment of art. Rock is get-at-table to everyone, as art. Rock and whole art arise to communicate secret and deep thoughts, highbrow and fiendish, instinctive sentiments.
On the contrary the opinion of art critics has built the idea that art is an elite expression.
Esben and the With are a Brighton band founded in 2008. The dark and mysterious single Marching Song has been released in 2010. They are sophisticated, esoteric. They draw upon hardcore and electronics adding mystery, symbolized by No Dog song. They have a great and original personality, their products are drawn by The singer Rachel Davies, expressives and essential.

Their latest disk Nowhere issued in 2018 has internalized with its rhythmical transitions, which are polished and fluid. Its atmosphere is dark, deep and Celtic. The band is compact, performing a mysterious and suggestive sound.


Art is a subconscious that communicates to another subconscious, a mind that speaks to another mind.
                        Blues - oil on canvas 34x20cm - B. de France
Blues at first is expression of melancholy and sadness, of riot from slavery, and it is cathartic. “Blues has ever been a way of being, before becoming a music style.”
“The songs canvassed the deepness of their desperation while in the meantime they claimed their grit to resist.”

Alan Lomax, The Land were the Blues began


God save the queen
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