Fuckin’hell - oil on canvas 170x99cm 170x99cm                       B. de France
Breach, changement in rock history have taken place thanks to punk and Sex Pistols advent. God Save the queen is the second single of the band, slighting and troublemaking. Punk is disruptive and unconventional. It is a life philosophy: whoever can make music, art. Independence from the system is priority.
“Fuck, anyone can play guitar like this” told Joy Division guitarist while seeing Sex Pistols on stage. “Musicians were, according to jazz mentality, a divine breeding: Oh, how divinely he plays, it’s incredible.” When the Sex Pistols became playing, they have wiped out everything else. The lesson was the following one: you don’t need all those bullshits, only three chords are necessary, write a song, create a band.” Interview from Jon Savage book, Joy Division.


Art is expression of the most innovative Avantgarde.
With power, sometimes destabilizing, rock helps disclosing one’s fears, one’s anger, one’s dreams and the will of emancipation and changement. Impulse together with insightful thoughts, becomes originality.


                  Smoke in my head - felt pen 15x10 cm  B. de France
Innovative and subversive thinking obtain their legitimacy inside society thanks to musical creativity, and art in all its expressions. An artist expresses visionary and revolutionary thoughts, that manage to imprint changement in people and to make evolve the community.

Rock music search of The promise land is described by Gino Castaldo in his namesake book.


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