wash drawing and Indian ink                      B. de France
My leitmotiv is a verse of a blues song registered by Alan Lomax in 1959, John Henry singing:
“ A man ain’t nothin but a man, But before I’d let your steam drill beat me down I’ll die with this hammer in my hand”.

As in a circular movement, music has supported black people in Mississippi while hardly working in cotton fields, in hellish life conditions. Then they create in turn blues, innovative and visionary music.



                  wash drawing and Indian ink                    B. de France

Hand craft is a fulfillment and a way to realize my ideas, I trust and invest in handcraft though industry gives it hard time.

Work and technics employed, as well as genuine materials, make handcraft unique and valuable. It expresses personality. It helps preserving know-how and ecosystem.
Therefore every kind of artwork handy or analogical realized will ever be valued.


                  wash drawing and Indian ink                    B. de France
Music inspires me, as a dialogue with other creators. It opens spirit and soul.

It is possible as well to see similarity between art craft and vinyl production, as analogical technics vs industrial ones, LP vs compact disk -. Value of accurately produced objects, poetry they evokes and their quality can overcome low-cost floodgates. The cost of handmade and analogical objects production is higher and great care is required when using the object.

In the same time the quality of analogical objects is higher than industrial ones, and it lasts more. Indeed since 2010 on new and second hand vinyls have increased the sales though it had almost vanished since CD production, and manage then to overcome CD sales.

The Chameleons
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