enrico's sound
    Enrico's sound - oil on canvas 163x103cm                               B. de France
Music is chemistry. It impregnates body limbs, mind and heart immediately. It mends who listens to it.
Rock, art heal who expresses it. The processing to elaborate them is physical as well: it is necessary, though it can be difficult to bring out the inner thoughts and feeling, as a maieutics.
Once achieved the message, wellness is mental as well as physical.

Besides from my own experience sometimes I manage to taste and understand a disk after listening it many times, engaging then with the sakes that have urged the musician to create. It is possible than to identify with him.


bob dylan
   Bob Dylan - oil on canvas  120x80cm                                B. de France
Other art expressions, as well as music, are accessible only through chemistry, switching off every kind of knowledge or misconception.
“Look inside you. Examine the reason that bids you to write; check up if its roots are in the deeper point of your heart; would you die out if you be denied to write?” Writes Rainer Maria Rilke, Letters to a young poet.

Rilke talks about writing, his consideration can be widen to other art expressions.

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