Bass, drums and vocals protagonists of the hypnotic concert of Faust’O and the Skywlakers, on stage at Limonaia Theatre – Sesto Fiorentino – performing Love Story album, minimal and essential rhythms that remind Joy Divison esacerbate sound. A violin inserts itself in one track, increasing the mystery.

Fausto Rossi

10.07.21 Limonaia Theatre, Sesto fiorentino

L’Erba first song, Fausto Rossi album, is one of my favourite ones for its rythmic base and lyrics, and begins with Hold my hand Fausto, choosen as title for this post.
Between one song and another, Fausto Rossi has read extracts of W.Burroughs, The Western Lands, mental and visual associations, letting us getting involved instinctively.
He has then talk about the story of the dog and art critic, alias musical critic, with an unexpected final. Unmissable comic relief of Fausto. Two Kafkaesque melodic lyrics with guitar ended the concert.
Thanks Fausto for the good chat with you after the stage, for having talked to me about your passion for Burroughs, his concepts inspired by the Egyptian Book of the Dead and the seven souls living inside us. It has been a precious experience. I am very proud of the dedication you’ve written for me. I look forward to seeing you soon and talking about Burroughs once again.
Hold my hand, Fausto.

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