Like a lighthouse standing behind me, that illuminates all around and diffuses light in the streets, the Chameleons evocations have had inside myself out of focus outlines till a few years ago. Since I have turned and looked towards the lighthouse, being aware that I already knew it. I have understood that the Chameleons sound already exists in my mind and heart, since the eighties.

Looking towards the lighthouse has been a Chameleons Vox concert I have been lucky to attend to. They are the new group founded by Mark Burgess itself, that plays Chameleons original songs. It has taken place in Bologne in 2015.

During the concert Mark Burgess was in the pink consuming and fascinating while singing. The texts are powerful. I have losses myself in some songs in which that Mark Burgess evokes his dreams. The music that expresses those images is suggestive, melodic and penetrating. Despite the difficult communication between the former members of the band, when listening to Mark Burgess his passion and dedication are tangible.

The club was small compared to their artistry and, such as many undervalued bands, seeing them playing despite fuss is commendable.


Their sound was compact and powerful, captivating. Second Skin track (album Script of the bridge) has an sensual increasing rhythm, full of seductive buzz.
Chameleons music has been enhanced by the paintings of quitarist Reg Smithies, printed on their Lp covers.

It is such a great creation when artistic expression blends several and interactive mediums such as music and painting. Kandinsky has been visionary while conferring to each musical instruments a specific color.

In the beginning were Shadows
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